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Ice density

Density of Ice is 916.7 kg/m3 (At temperature < 0 °C). *

Volumetric mass density of Ice (other) in other popular units:

= 0.9167 [kg/L] or [g/mL] or [g/cm3] or [t/m3]

= 0.5298862172224 [oz/cu in] (Avoirdupois ounce per cubic inch)

= 0.956279035852 [oz/US fl oz] (Avoirdupois ounce per fluid ounce)

= 0.0331178885764 [lb/cu in] (Avoirdupois pound per cubic inch)

= 57.2277118487 [lb/cu ft] (pound per cubic foot)

= 1545.14817683 [lb/cu yd] (pound per cubic yard)

= 7.650232259315 [lb/US gal] (pound per US liquid gallon)

Specific gravity (or relative density)

SGw4°C = 0.91672300974754 (relative to 4°C water)

SGair20°C = 761.3155053567 (relative to 20°C air)


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Notice: Don't be confused with expression: "weight of Ice". Unit for weight is Newton, N = mass × g ; where g=9.81 m/s2.

*Source: Wikipedia, Retrieved 2020