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Author of kg-m3.com is Dr. Igor Gaspar, teacher and researcher at MATE university in Hungary. There are a lot of density information spread all over the internet, but main aim of this website is to collect information about density on one place. On this site you can find density for over 1000 materials and calculators which covers SI, metric, US and imperial units too.

If you notice an error, please write to Gaspar.Igoruni-mate.hu.

Few examples for density calculations:

Example 1: if we put a 0.1m×0.1m×0.1m cube (10cm×10cm×10cm) on scale and mass is 1.3 kg, then density of this material is 1.3/0.001=1300 kg/m³.

Example 2: What is the mass of 2 m long 10x10 cm steel square bar? (if we know the density)
Answer: Volume is 2×0.1×0.1=0.02 m³. Since density of steel is 7850 kg/m³, mass is: 0.02×7850=157 kg.

steel density

Example 3: What is the volume of 0.5 kg honey? (if we know the density)
Since density of the honey is 1415 kg/m³, volume is: 0.5/1415 = 0.000353 m³ = 0.353 L.

honey density