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Convert density from pound (avoirdupois) per tablespoon (imperial) to tonne per gallon (imperial).
Conversion number is 0.11611964672, this means that lb avtbsp (imp) is smaller unit compared to tgal (imp).

Enter the density in pound (avoirdupois)tablespoon (imperial)

lb av
tbsp (imp)
0.11611964672 t
gal (imp)

Result is in tonnegallon (imperial) .
Calculation process:

lb av / tbsp (imp)
0.45359237 [kg/lb av] / 1000 [kg/t]
4.54609E-03 [m³/gal (imp)] / 1.77581640625E-05 [m³/tbsp (imp)]
= 0.11611964672
t / gal (imp)


Bulk conversion [lb av / tbsp (imp)] => [t / gal (imp)]

[lb av/tbsp (imp)][t/gal (imp)]

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More about base units:

• 1 pound (avoirdupois) [lb av] ≡ 0.45359237 kg = 7000 grains = 0.45359237 kg, definition: By definition, 1 lb av ≡ exactly 0.45359237 kg. United States National Bureau of Standards (1959-06-25). Notices, Refinement of values for the yard and the pound (PDF)
• 1 tablespoon (imperial) [tbsp (imp)] ≡  5⁄8 fl oz (imp) = 1.77581640625E-05 m3, definition: Imperial tablespoon is a unit of volume, especially widely used in cooking recipes and pharmaceutic prescriptions, equivalent with 5/8 imperial fluid ounce = 17.7581640625×10−6 m³. conversion.org/volume/tablespoon-imperial/
• 1 tonne [t] ≡ 1000 kg = 1000 kg, definition: = 1 megagram (Mg) or 1 metric ton (tonne). National Institute of Standards and Technology (October 2011). Butcher, Tina; Cook, Steve; Crown, Linda et al. eds. Appendix C – General Tables of Units of Measurement (PDF) p. C-5
• 1 gallon (imperial) [gal (imp)] ≡ 4.54609 L = 4.54609E-03 m3, definition: Since 1985 one imperial gallon is exactly defnied as ≡ 4.54609×10−3 m³. Sizes.com - imperial gallon