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Convert density from Gram per hectolitre to Gram per gallon (US fluid; Wine).
Conversion number is 0.03785411784, this means that ghL is smaller unit compared to ggal (US).

Enter the density in Gramhectolitre

0.03785411784 g
gal (US)

Result is in Gramgallon (US fluid; Wine) .
Calculation process:

g / hL
0.001 [kg/g] / 0.001 [kg/g]
3.785411784E-03 [m³/gal (US)] / 0.1 [m³/hL]
= 0.03785411784
g / gal (US)


Bulk conversion [g / hL] => [g / gal (US)]

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You can enter your own numbers (one per line) or just generate some numbers and convert them. The results you can copy-paste to Excel for example.

More about base units:

• 1 Gram [g] =1x10-3 kg = 0.001 kg, definition: . National Institute of Standards and Technology (October 2011). Butcher, Tina; Cook, Steve; Crown, Linda et al. eds. Appendix C – General Tables of Units of Measurement (PDF) p. C-4
• 1 hectolitre [hL] = 100 L = 0.1 m3, definition: Hectolitre is equivalent to volume of hundred litres. See also: Litre
• 1 gallon (US fluid; Wine) [gal (US)] ≡ 231 cu in = 3.785411784E-03 m3, definition: A traditional unit of liquid volume, in the United States, the liquid gallon is legally defined as exactly 231 cubic inches; this is equal to the old English wine gallon ≡ 3.785411784×10−3 m³. unc.edu, A Dictionary of Units of Measurement, Gallon